Where Is the Kingdom of Heaven?

    One day on my return flight to America, I felt bored, so I opened the Bible to read. A lady next to me asked, “Are you a believer in the Lord?” I said, “Yes. All four generations of my family are believers in the Lord. Do you also believe in the Lord?” She replied, “Right!” “What a coincidence!” I said, “Thanks be to the Lord!” Learning that she also believed in the Lord Jesus, I was very glad. Continue reading “Where Is the Kingdom of Heaven?”


Hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit | Official Trailer “Break the Spell”

Fu Jinhua was the elder of a house church in China. Like many other devout Christians, she upheld the Bible above all. In her mind, the entirety of the Bible was inspired by God, departing from the Bible was not faith in the Lord, and holding on to the Bible was being faithful to the Lord. Continue reading “Hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit | Official Trailer “Break the Spell””